Why is research important?

Research is important in a variety of scientific areas, including psychology, biochemistry, medicine and so on. In this blog i hope to go to some way to explaining why.

Firstly, at a very basic level without the support of substantiated scientific research, you will not gain the support and respect of your peers; all theories must be backed with research. For example, you cannot merely think up a theory stating how eating bananas 8 times a day will result in your IQ going up by 10 points. If only! But the point is that continuous and prolonged research work would be needed to help support that theory. In fact lets forget peers, the general public, who may not have any background in psychology or indeed any subject that is strongly intertwined with research , will most probable be sceptical of any theory that is not backed up with relevant research and findings.

Research is of particular importance within psychology: psychologist study behaviour, an interesting but neverthelss difficult area to study. People’s behaviour is ever changing, can be inconsistent depending on a situation and if we choose, can be completely altered in order to fit into a certain environment. Psychologist have had to adpat to these difficulties and one way in which they have is by making their research remarkably detailed. Psychology is not as clear cut as say Maths or physics. We know that 5×5 = 25, but does our personality derive from the environment, genetics or biochemistry. We just don’t know that is why psychological research is so often as detailed as it is: to help fully explain the complexities of human behaviour.

What’s more, research is also important in the field medicine. More specifically, it is integral to ensure the safety of humans is maintained. For example, lets consider this from a purely medical perspective in relation to drugs. When medical researchers want to intiate a new drug onto the market, that drug must go through vigorous testing to ensure that its side effects are minimal and that the drug actually treats what is meant to treat. Before any medical authority or governing body can administrate this drug, it will need to see documented research to ensure that the drug is safe to administer. Without accurate and ligitimate research, the drug will not be allowed to be used on people. There are numerous reasons for this. One of the biggest reasons is that not everyone will react to a drug in the same way. Some may have unfortunate sensitivies that can cause not only serious health risks to the individuals but financial implications for the drug companies and medical researchers.

Research could never just be limited to the ever changing world of psychology. Its importance is evident in a variety of areas and as long as we have something to discover in this world, this fact will never change.


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  1. Firstly, well done on writing about more than one field of expertise. I like how you’ve looked beyond psychology and that you’ve included science, as well as exploring many of the fields within these subjects and how research is important to obtain.
    One criticism I would make is, in future if you were to write about the same topic, maybe delve in to the statistical relevance to why research is so important. For example; in the development of medicine, a large sample of the representative population (let’s say it’s involved in the treatment of migraines) is required to partake in a laboratory experiment which would achieve a data collection that was high in quantitative data. How would this influence the need for research?
    In respects to psychology you could have described how research is important to help put forward a generally accepted theory, however it would also be vital to include this conclusion is not point-blank fact, merely evidence to SUPPORT a theory.
    Other than that, well done


  2. Hi
    Yes I agree with you that reserch are extremally important in for example ; psychology . Without reserchers the world would not procced in explanations and comprehensions of human being. Psychology like you said allows us to reserch humans behaviour, the prediction of the future behaviour and so on. In psychology we can differntiate between two types of analysis that we can make; qualitative and quantative types. Either of them provides us with different types of information that allows us to apply the hypothesis into theory or theraphy . For example: qualitative reserch has been used to explain indepth human behaviour. Frederikson, et al (1996)investigated the perception of womens of vetnam partners in terms of family fuctioning and interpersonal relationship by using unstructured interviewing. Therefore they could gained in depth information about different views on this topic.
    On the other hand is it really that important? According to most of psychologists our behaviour is driven by survival insistincts. SO our mechanisms ,emotions, cognitions and behviour is dependent on those insistincts. so is the reserchers just waste of time if everything that we do , has its own orgin in genes, evloution etc? well if we did not reserch that we would not know those things. The knowlege and application of that knowledge, it is what makes us different from animals . Therefore without reserchers we would not have that knowledge ,in for example really important domains of our life such as : health . Without knowledge, if we would get ill them we would die because no one reserched that ,and did not find the answaer how to cure the illness.
    Conclusively I really liked your post, its really easy to read and consist of lot of informations 🙂


  3. Very good blog and you have made some great points. You have discusses how research is important within psychology but you have also talked about how its important within science aswell. The point about how you will not gain the support of your peers if research isnt carried out is a good point. For example if you are a psychologist and you conduct a hypothesis and try to prove something correct but you havent done the prior research into the topic you could look very foolish. It doesnt look professional at all and this could affect theories in the future and people taking you seriously. This is why when you see theories they will have researched into their subject to find out if anyone else has already conducted experiments into this.

    The point about research in Science is especially important, especially in todays world with all the products that people use everyday. If one product hasnt been tested correctly this could end up in disaster with people becoming ill or worse even dying. One example of research not been carried out properly was the thalidimide incident where mothers were taking this pill to help with morning sickness. However when this had been researched they had not tested it on pregnant animals. Because of this thousands of children were born without limbs, this is one of the worst examples of research not been carried out, but also shows the danger in not carrying out research.

    Overall brilliant blog!


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